GLASS ARMOR, GLASS CLEANER is a new SCRATCH-RESISTANT glass cleaner and NANO-Polymer sealant that transforms glass into a super-slick, transparent, scratch-resistant armor. GLASS ARMOR's advanced formula provides a long-lasting protectant seal over glass surfaces making it smoother, slicker, clearer, and streak-free. It is alcohol-based, so it’s safe for all tinted windshields and windows. GLASS ARMOR cleans and protects all exterior/interior glass, mirrors, plastic, and chrome.


DIRECTIONS: Spray a fine mist on glass, mirrors, plastic, and chrome and clean and “wipe-into” the surface with a clean microfiber towel. Then, buff off with another clean microfiber towel. NOTE: For best results with interior glass, plastic, and mirrors, spray GLASS ARMOR directly on a microfiber towel until the towel becomes damp. Now clean and wipe surface with the damp towel. Next, buff dry with another clean microfiber towel.