Our Honer Disc® was engineered to hone in and refine sand scratches (p1200-p2500) in painted surfaces to reduce the amount of time spent polishing. This foam-backed abrasive is designed to provide consistent contact with the surface while leaving the desired texture behind. Honer Disc®'s spongy foam absorbs lubricants to allow a more comfortable feel during the sanding process, enabling the user greater precision on the work area. Due to the addition of Coaster Coating Technology® and a longer disc life, reduced material costs are to be expected.


Directions: Attach disc to Level’s Piston Hook® interface pad. Adjust orbital sander to desired speed. Place sanding disc with sander directly on working surface and turn on sander. Using a spray bottle, mist surface with water, then move the sander back and forth in slow overlapping motions until desired outcome is reached.