To remove heavy scratches; shake well and apply 6 to 7 dime size drops of LP1 on your choice of wool or foam cutting pad and buff a 2’ X 2’ area at a time, with slow back and forth overlapping motions. Once the scratches are removed, apply 6 to 7 dime size drops of LP1 on a polishing or finishing foam pad and do the same overlapping motions, keeping the pad flat to the surface to remove holograms and swirl marks. Wipe off excess with a clean microfiber towel to reveal a TRUE PAINT FINISH.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Is this a Finishing Polish or Cutting Compound?
Both, LP1 is a leveling polish that levels a surface like a rubbing/cutting compound that polishes to a flawless finish by just switching pads.
What tool do I use this with?
A random orbital polisher or Rotary buffer is the preferred tool but can be used by hand or rotary.
Does LP1 have wax?
No, LP1 is a true paint correction product without fillers.
What grit scratch can LP1 Remove?
LP1 was designed to remove p1500 sanding scratches on most coated surfaces primarily automotive clear coat.
Is LP1 Water Based?
Yes, LP1 is a water based product that does not use petroleum product to enhance the cutting process.