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Frequently Ask Questions

What tool do I use this with?
A random orbital or DA Sander is the preferred tool but can be used by hand or rotary.
When do I know when to stop using the current disc and switch to a new one.
Two things happen when the disc has been worn out or become tired and it is time to change, 1. The stock removal is drastically diminished and/or the surface has become clogged and begins to create a pig tail pattern in the surface.
How do I know which grit to use?
The lower the number the more aggressive the scratch of the forever disc, for example, the p1200 will remove more surface than the p2500 and create a bigger scratch.
What is Coaster Coating?
Coaster Coating is a dry anticlogging technology applied to the surface of the Forever Disc that helps assist with an even cut and increased life of the disc.
Is LP1 and NLC a Finishing Polish or Cutting Compound?
Both, LP1 and NLC is a leveling polish that levels a surface like a rubbing/cutting compound that polishes to a flawless finish by just switching pads.
Can Liquid Leveler be used as a polish or compound?
Yes, Liquid Leveler is a leveling agent with abrasives that can quickly remove scratches in small areas.