1 Piston-Hook Interface pad

2 of each FOREVER Disc - P1200, P1500, P2000P2500.

1 of each Honor Discs - P3000 & P5000


The LEVEL Sandpaper Sample Kit is the perfect way to try our Piston-Hook interface pad with our full range of FOREVER and HONER Sanding Discs to experience the sanding durability and leveling performance for yourself. The Piston-Hook Interface pad with it’s totally unique “piston shaped” hooks grabs the paper with super adhesion but allows the discs to be easily attached and removed.


The FOREVER discs sanding and leveling performance is unmatched. What makes them an even better value is that they last 2 to 5 longer than almost any other sanding disc available. The Honer discs will refine FOREVER disc's scratches so well, that in most cases no heavy cutting compounds will be needed. Simply polish out the remaining superfine scratches with a very good polish, like LEVEL LP1 Leveling Polish using a finishing foam pad. Eliminating the need to use a compound will eliminate common mistakes made when compounding, cut time, and increase productivity.